Reach New Heights of Authenticity: Rent the Boeing 737-800 for Unforgettable Film Productions

Lights, camera, action! Elevate your film production to new heights with the Boeing 737-800 as the ultimate aviation prop. Immerse your audience in a world of authenticity, versatility, and visual impact, as you embark on unforgettable storytelling adventures.

Collection: Boeing 737-800 Interior Film Set Dressing

The Boeing 737-800 is a popular choice for filmmakers and TV producers recreating the interior of a commercial airplane. It offers different interior configurations that can be customized for specific filming needs, including standard 3-class layout, high-density all-economy layout, and vintage or custom configurations. The 737-800 can be customized with different seating arrangements, colors, and materials to match the specific airline being depicted, making it ideal for recreating the interior of a modern commercial airliner, a budget airline, or a regional carrier. 

Bringing Aviation to Life

Experience the authenticity and realism of aviation with the Boeing 737-800. Recreate the essence of commercial air travel and transport your viewers into the captivating world of aircraft. Capture scenes that immerse them in the thrills and wonders of flying.

Unleashing Creative Possibilities

Unleash your creativity with the Boeing 737-800's versatility in storytelling. From exciting takeoffs and landings to captivating cabin scenes, this iconic aircraft adapts effortlessly to suit your vision. Push the boundaries of imagination and craft narratives that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Smooth Production Experience

Renting the Boeing 737-800 ensures accessibility and adaptability, providing a seamless production experience. Our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free rental process, offering flexible options tailored to your production needs. From logistics to set design, we strive to make your journey effortless, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

Unlocking Invaluable Insights

Collaborate with aviation experts who bring invaluable knowledge and expertise to your production. Gain insights into the intricate details of commercial aviation, ensuring accurate depictions and adding an extra layer of authenticity to your film. Benefit from their guidance and elevate the quality of your storytelling to new heights.

Maximizing Production Value

Renting the Boeing 737-800 maximizes your production value while remaining cost-effective. Experience the visual impact of a high-quality aviation prop without compromising your budget. Our competitive rates and flexible rental options ensure that you can achieve remarkable results while optimizing your resources.

Captivating Cinematic Shots

With the Boeing 737-800, enhance the visual appeal of your film production. Capture breathtaking shots that showcase the aircraft's sleek design and powerful presence. From dynamic exterior sequences to immersive interior scenes, every frame will captivate your audience and immerse them in the world of aviation.

Why Rent a BOEING 737-800 for Your Film Production?

Reach new heights of authenticity, versatility, and visual impact with the Boeing 737-800 as your aviation prop. Transport your audience into the captivating realm of commercial aviation, collaborate with aviation experts, and maximize your production value with cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to reserve this iconic aircraft and embark on a filmmaking journey that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Lights, camera, take flight - and let your stories soar to the skies!

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    Inking a deal pertaining to the use of this asset, the neccessary contracts, insurance legal nuances, NDA and paperwork.

  • Delivery and Logistics

    Putting into motion the when, where and how to make it available for your production with all supporting logistics and requirements.

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